The Association MEASI (Muslim Educational Association of Southern India), established 116 years ago, was registered under the Societies Act XXI of 1860. It is one of the oldest minority educational Academies and is having a multi-level educational system ranging from primary schooling to Post Graduate studies and Research, covering several fields of studies with a sound financial resource base.


The Association is backed by a progressive democratic and participative management system and is under the leadership of enlightened and eminent individuals, drawn from educational, industrial and other walks of life. The Association was primarily started with an avowed purpose of integrating the Muslim community which is educationally backward in the national stream in the process of giving them the benefit of much needed education, augmenting in particular emancipation of women in the community to secure the benefits of modern education and spirit.




The Association is 116 years old as of now. In the Fifteenth Annual session of the All India Muhammedan Educational conference held in Chennai in 1901 it was proposed to establish this Association.  The Association was incorporated, as No. 18 of 1905-06 under the Societies Act XXI of 1860 and the Founder President was Lord Boddam.

Till late 1940s the Association was mainly awarding Educational Scholarship and Hostel Accommodation to Muslim Students.  The early stalwarts behind this association were

o Janab Hameed' Sait Sahib, B.A., L.L.B., (ALIG)

o Nawab Syed Mohamed Sahib (Grandson of Tipu Sultan)

o Justice Sir Abdul Rahim Sahib

o Sir Mohamed Habibullah Sahi

o Sir Mohamed Usman Sahib

o Hajee Jamal Mohamed Sahib

o Janab Malang Ahmed Batcha Sahib

o Quaid-E-Millath M. Mohamed lsmail Sahib


In 1947, Janab Moulvi Nazeer Hussain Sahib became the President and his foresight and acumen ushered a new era to this Association and he along with Justice Basheer Ahmed Syed Sahib, Janab A. Haii Mohamed Ubaidullah Sahib and others took a bold decision to establish “NEW COLLEGE".  Thus, this Muslim Minority College came into existence in 1951 at the present campus.

The institution grew bigger day by day and was led by community heads like Janab M.S.A Majid Sahib, Janab A.K.A. Abdus Samad Sahib, Janab A.A. Rasheed Sahib, Janab I. Abdul, Wahid Sahib, and Janab M. Mohamed Hashim Sahib.

Several dignitaries, almost all the Presidents of India, Prime Minister Shirmathi Indira Gandhi and Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi have visited the Institution.


Today, this is the foremost Muslim Minority Institution in Tamil Nadu catering to the needs of the community imparting education to over 8000 students.


The following are the achievements of this Association;

The New College

MEASI Matriculation Higher Sec School

MEASI Institute of Management

MEASI Academy

MEASI Charitable Trust

MEASI Computer Academy

Institute of Research in Soil Biology and Bio-Technology

MEASI Academy of Architecture

MEASI Urdu Academy

MEASI Institute of Information Technology

MEASI College of Education



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